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Study Medicine Dentistry Abroad (SMDA) is pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for the medicine course starting in September 2020.
Our mission is to offer UK students with the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor abroad. We want to appeal predominantly to the British Asian and Muslim community but everyone is welcome.  Studying medicine abroad is a remarkable opportunity for those UK medical aspirants looking to study medicine but can’t secure a place at a UK university.
We have the passion to become the leader in medical student recruitment. We represent and are affiliated with a number of reputable European universities who offer the medicine degree in English.
Securing a place on a medicine degree in the UK is highly competitive and straight A grade students often fail to secure a place at British universities.  In these circumstances do not despair because 100’s of students travel abroad each year to realise their dream of becoming a doctor.
We believe that every young person deserves a high-quality education. Being a doctor is a worthy and important occupation. We are here to inform students on how to realise their dream of becoming a doctor and assist them at every stage of the process.
SMDA works alongside a number of accredited and reputable universities precisely for this reason.  These universities offer quality medical education through highly trained academic personnel, latest technologies and classrooms. The tuition fees at these universities are affordable and living costs are considerably lower compared to the UK.
SMDA offers a premium service from your very first enquiry to the time you start your medical degree. SMDA has an office and representative in the foreign country and also supports you throughout the duration of your course.
We complete your application form and other relevant documents with you at our office in Bradford and ensure all the applications of students are quickly and successfully processed. We pride ourselves on offering guaranteed entry to all students who have completed their sixth form or college education.
SMDA understands the needs of the Muslim students when it comes to travelling abroad to study. This is where SMDA goes beyond other agencies that allocate places to students without understanding their religious needs. Studying is tough but when you are unable to find places to eat halal food and go to the mosque for prayers then eventually it becomes impossible. We guarantee that the Muslim students will not experience such difficulties and will find they have a good choice of halal food outlets and prayer facilities when they reach their destination.
One of our main goals is to ensure a smooth application and relocation process for the students. Going abroad to study can be a daunting step but our job is to be there for you at every step.
We will assist you in completing your application form and other relevant documents and securing you a place on the medicine degree. We will keep you updated on the status of your application every step of the admission process by maintaining regular contact. We will accompany the students to the foreign country and register them at the university. We will help students find accommodation. We will ensure every student is settled before returning back to the UK. The students can go to our office in the foreign country and speak to our representative if they have any further problems after our return.  Our offices are open throughout the year and we have a representative working full time in a foreign country.
Parents need to exercise particular caution when selecting a university place abroad. Parents need to bear in mind the medicine course in Europe is always a 6-year program including internship. Therefore parents need to ensure that their child will be comfortable in a foreign country for the 6 years that they will be there. We have seriously considered this factor and ensured that facilities are available in the vicinity of the universities we deal with.

Bradford Open Day 18th July 2020

Blackburn Open Day 19th July 2020

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