Study Medicine Dentistry Abroad

About us

Study Medicine Dentistry Abroad (SMDA) is an agency founded by pharmacists to help students like yourself. The directors Fasial Sheikh and Zahid Ahmed qualified as pharmacists over 15 years ago and run a successful small chain of pharmacies in the Yorkshire region.
With the highly competitive nature of studying medicine and dentistry in the UK, studying abroad, is becoming an increasingly popular option for students.
There are many benefits to studying medicine abroad. Firstly, it can be a great opportunity for you to study in another country with a better climate than here in the UK. Secondly, as you will know, studying medicine in the UK in incredibly competitive – only one in ten students are lucky enough to gain a place and for this reason, many students are considering the more viable option of studying Medicine and Dentistry abroad.
Tuition fees for medicine (as well as living costs) abroad are also considerably lower than the UK. For example, students usually pay in excess of £9,000 a year to study Medicine in the UK, but at European universities tuition fees are less than £6,000.
SMDA has visited many universities in Europe and beyond, including Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. We have not decided to set up SMDA in haste but have done our research over several years, visiting the different locations and universities. We believe we have now found the best location to study medicine and dentistry abroad, which is safe and student friendly.
Being based in Bradford, we have ensured that the locations we have selected are Muslim friendly. By this we mean that Halal food is easy to find in the vicinity of the University, there are halal butchers in the area and there is a mosque locally for the Muslim students to pray.
SMDA is your door to a successful Medical and Dental career. We are happy to assist you from the minute you contact us to inquire about this opportunity up until the day you graduate and return home. We have an office and representatives working full time in a foreign country to assist you throughout the year.