Study Medicine Dentistry Abroad

MD course

What our partner universities offer?

  • International standards of education
  • Teaching programs complying with UKMLA (United Kingdom Medical Licensing Examination)
  • Quiet and friendly environment for living and studying
  • Joyful and interesting student life

Hundreds of graduates from our partner universities are practising medicine in leading hospitals in the USA, Uk and Europe.

What is the UKMLA ?

The UKMLA (UK Medical Licensing Examination) will be an assessment for all doctors who apply to join the UK medical register to practice medicine in the UK, including those who graduate from UK medical universities. It was approved by the GMC council in December 2017, with the aim to start in 2022.
What does it consist of?
  • An AKT (Applied Knowledge Test), which will be a standalone online MCQ-style exam, with opportunities to take this at a number of set dates throughout the year.
  • A CPSA (Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment), which is an OSCE-style exam delivered by medical schools but overseen by the GMC.

Why is medicine a 6-year course in Europe?

In the Uk, the medicine degree is a 5-year MBBS course. The MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery)degree represents the first (undergraduate) level of training required to be licensed as a doctor and the MD (Medical Doctor) degree is a postgraduate degree, representative of special training. The 6 year MD course includes a 1-year internship. After graduation, a junior doctor must complete FY1 and FY2. An MBBS degree holder progresses onto the FY1 junior doctor whereas an MD degree holder can go straight onto the FY2 junior doctor. Therefore an MD degree holder can apply for full registration with the GMC immediately after graduation whereas it takes approximately 1 year after graduation for full registration with the GMC for MBBS degree holders.


What do the 6 years MD course consist of?

Our partner universities teach, a new, ”Problem Based Learning” (PBL) style MD program. This has been developed in the framework of ERAS-MUS University project names ”Establishment of the Supra-Regional Network of National Centres in Medical Education, focused on PBL and Virtual Patients.
The program lasts for 6 years and consists of 376 credits. New teaching methodology – Problem (patient case, scenario) Based Learning has been implemented at basic (theoretical) medical sciences teaching, which will assist in:
  1. Learning of basic medical sciences in context,
  2. Increase in readiness for the next study stage (clinical stage of the program, postgraduate/residency programs) and medical practice.

MD Program

The 6 year MD program is divided into 3 stages:
  • Basic Medical Sciences (2.5 years)
  • Clinical Sciences (2.5 years)
  • Clinical Clerkship (1 year)
Education is provided in English by the most prominent professors using up to date textbooks, guides, audio, video and various visual aids. A rich medical library and computer rooms are available. A big variety of manikins is used in developing medical skills.
An academic year consists of 40 study weeks (240 study days) divided into two 20 week semesters. The semesters are separated by holidays.