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Our team

Fasial Sheikh MPharm

Fasial is the Managing and Operations Director of SMDA Ltd.  He graduated from the University of Bradford in 2003 with a Masters degree in Pharmacy.  Fasial is also the Managing Director of Pharmacycare Direct, which he has been operating in Bradford since 2006.
At SMDA Fasial is responsible for formulating and successfully implementing company policy as well as leading the company’s service development and business strategy.  Fasial has five years of experience of student recruitment for Medical Universities in Europe.  Fasials knowledge in this sector is unsurpassed and is a significant asset for SMDA.  He is responsible for the student recruitment and admission process as well as finding solutions for students.

Zahid Ahmed MPharmS

Zahid Ahmed
Zahid is the Managing and Operations Director of SMDA Ltd.  He graduated from The University of Bradford in 2003 with a Masters of Pharmacy degree.  Zahid has successfully set up a small chain of pharmacies in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.
At SMDA Zahid is at the forefront of assisting prospective Medical Students to achieve their goals of becoming future Doctors and Dentists. Zahid also overseas our partnerships with the universities abroad.

Resan Kotselidze BA hons

Resan Kotselidze
Resan is the Batumi Student Representative for SMDA Ltd.  Resan is responsible for organising and supervising SMDA activities in Batumi, Georgia.  He is responsible for coordinating the activities of arriving students in Batumi.  Resan overseas the smooth transition of the foreign students.  His previous work experience in customer services helps in the student’s smooth relocation process.
Resan has a Bachelor of International Relations degree from the Faculty of Economy, Administration and Social Sciences, Bilkent University, Ankara, Republic of Turkey.

Elene Peradze

Elene Peradze
Elene is the Tbilisi Student Representative for SMDA Ltd.  Elene’s main duties in Tbilisi are to help students with integration in order to feel less isolated from the local community.  Elene overseas the smooth transition of the arriving students helps with finding them accommodation and registration at the university.  She is available to help students if they experience any problems throughout the duration of their course.
Elene is studying business at University in Tbilisi.

Usman Mauvia

Usman Mauvia
Usman Mauvia is a social media manager at SMDA Ltd. His role at SMDA includes web development, social media management, SEO, graphic designing, video animation and editing.
At SMDA Usman is responsible for running and managing of our social media content and website. He designs our online advertisement strategies with the collaboration of other team members.
Usman is currently studying for a Bachelor of Software Engineering at Comsats Islamabad.