Study Medicine Dentistry Abroad



SMDA offers a package that comprises all of the following services

Pre Application Process

  •  A free consultation with the prospective medical student and parent.
  •  Free advice on the most suitable universities for the student.
  •  Advise on life in the respective European Country.
  •  Advise on choosing between Medicine and Dentistry.
  •  Liaising between the student and the chosen university regarding the admission.
  •  Guidance on any concerns the student has or questions regarding any required documents or the application procedure.
  • Access to our UK office and access to our office in the chosen city where the university is based.

Application Process

  • We professionally complete all your documentation on your behalf for your chosen university.
  • We will carry out Notarization, Apostilisation and Legalisation of your documentation.
  • We carry out all translation of the documentation.
  • We ensure that you get a guaranteed acceptance letter from the University you have chosen to study at.
  • We will personally handle your documentation and submit them to the university.
  • We provide assistance with visa applications and processing if this is necessary for your chosen country.
  • We provide assistance with payment of Tuition fee to the university.

General Support

  • We plan your journey to Europe and advise on transport methods and find temporary accommodation in the chosen country.
  • We provide Airport transfer in the chosen country to the city of where the university is located.  This ensures that you are safe and set you up with everything that you require.
  • We will enrol you at the university and introduce you to a team of students from the university who you will see on campus every day and will support you throughout your stay at the university.
  • We will introduce you to local letting agents who will help find you accommodation near the university.  Our local office member will ensure you get the most affordable tailored accommodation that suits your needs.
  • Our representative will help set up bills, internet, and local sim card for the students.
  • Our representative will help set up a local bank account. We advise you on the best banks to use with the best conversion rates and we will help you set up an account.
  • We provide a tour to the students of all the local amenities which are required by our students such has; halal food outlets, local supermarkets, local mosques.
  • We will assist you in applying for your student permit card.

Post Care

  • We will help you to prepare for the UKMLA test after you have graduated from your chosen university.  We will also help you to register with General Medical and Dental Council. 
  • We will provide assistance from doctors with choosing an appropriate postgraduate speciality.